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#BGGC Facebook Family

#1 Top FB Group


Charise D.

"I love being apart of the group. It’s an amazing community where we can share, learn and help each other. The best part is it’s almost always drama free and a safe place for black women to congregate online. In times when things going on in the world can be dark and heavy this group is a bright spot to escape."


#2 Top FB Group


Anisa M.

"I just love to capture the essence of of God’s beauty., a moment of joy that can uplift anyone’s mood in an instant. I’m no green thumb., and love learning all about plants! Due to Covid my I was operating my Day Spa specializing in Facials Full Body Waxing and all Nail Care treatments as a sole proprietor., small business., unfortunately decided to close until I felt more comfortable to return I shifted into retirement mode and love how plant life just made me so very happy and just wanted to share! It’s perfect that my husband’s job relocated us to Florida and everything grows here! It’s so very humbling to go from being fully booked to a more relaxed pace and actually enjoying discovering such beauty all around us! Covid has been such an ordeal for so many people and I know people who perished to this apocalyptic pandemic and just appreciate still being alive to share daily what I’m so very grateful to be able to see!"


#3 Top FB Group


Tiah H.

"I’ve never felt at home in a social media setting but Black Girls Gardening In Containers makes me feel connected and right at home. The interaction, support and communication within this group is next level. I really feel like these women are my sisters lol. The group is respectful and uplifting, I try not to get on their nerves but I just love the energy."


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Share, Glean, Observe

"I find it a wonderful place to share, glean, and observe the nurturing naturing of Earth's Queens.

The Creator is all through-and-through this group, InMyOpinion."  

Dee G.

woman-gardening-D6G5352 (1).jpg


"I'm so glad I became part of this group... keeps me nourished and knowledgeable and laughing.  There are some totally hilarious comments that keep me rolling.  I need that freshness." 

Le Bertha W.



"This group is amazing!!!!!! My garden is successful because of this group!!!!!!" 

Cheryl S.C.

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