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14 Black Container Gardeners to Follow for Inspiration on Social Media

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Whether you are a gardener who is looking to be inspired by other container gardeners or you’re new to gardening altogether, there is no better way to draw inspiration from other container gardeners than watching them closely on social media.

black woman holding coffee on cell phone in a kitchen

We know social media is a highlight reel of successes, but with gardening, it’s refreshing to see gardeners in your region succeeding at plants you may be failing at, or sharing their tips and learnings from their own failures. Social media has been a great community for gardeners – BGGC included. It’s a great place to share ideas and make plant friends.

By the way, follow @blackgirlsgardeningncontainers on IG if you haven’t already!

black girls gardening in containers on instagram

It’s one thing to follow a gardener, though, and another to follow gardeners of color. Here is a list of 14 black container gardeners to follow on social media for inspiration because representation matters!

1. Timothy Hammond (@bigcitygardener on IG)

Timothy’s container garden is in Houston, Texas. When he is not blessing your eyes with beautiful pictures of his planting, he’s sharing knowledge and tips “so you can just GROW IT”.

2. Black Girls with Gardens (@blackgirlswithgardens on IG)

This Instagram page is a multicultural home and garden resources providing representation, support, inspiration and education for black women creating green spaces.

3. Yaje Ngala on YouTube

Yaje is an African American container gardener living in Texas. In her garden, she explores growing seeds indigenous to Africa. You can find her with the above name on Youtube.

The African Wellness Mama

4. Betta (@b_bettagarden on IG and YouTube)

On Instagram, Betta posts regular updates from her own home garden planting herbs and vegetables in containers and raised beds. She also co-hosts the @backyardgardenstv podcast in Chicago where she gives gardening tips.

5. Lavonda (@vonduh88)

Lavonda is passionate about her patio garden and it shows! We’ve loved watching her journey and we know you will be inspired by her hacks and gardening tips.

Check Youtube for amazing plant content from Mississippi Girl Life. Follow her adventures not just in her garden but in life too!

7. Planterrob (@planterrob on IG)

This Instagram page is unique in that it’s not just a personal gardening journey, but gardening for a cause – to promote affordable housing in NYC. Follow them on IG!

8. A real dope mom (on YouTube)

Follow her as she grows her own garden and goes beyond that to cook from her garden. This YouTube channel is not just about plants but also about food and family living.

9. Faith Family Homestead (on YouTube)

Follow the journey of this family as they raise their homestead in South Carolina – complete with rabbits! If you’re new to container gardening, you will find their YouTube video on “Container Gardening on a Budget” very useful.

10. Quincy Adams (Lilies and tomatoes on YouTube)

Quincy Adams has the sweetest presence as you will find on her YouTube channel. Follow her for down-to-earth gardening hacks every gardener can relate to.

Lilies and Tomatoes

Michael is a dad growing food in containers and taking us through the journey of both his garden and food. Follow him for gardening inspiration on IG.

12. The Mocha Foodie Gardner (on YouTube)

Container gardening and food? Sign us up! We love seeing gardeners exploring healthy meals because farm (or in this case, small space garden) to table is always best. That’s just one reason to check out Becky’s YouTube channel.

The Mocha Foodie Gardner

Christopher’s page is joyful, expressive and will make you fall back in love with your small container gardening space. But you won’t just get aesthetics – you’ll get tried and trusted gardening tips and detailed explanations of gardening terms. Come for the aesthetics, stay for the gardening education!

Alnissa is a plant mom growing a bountiful container garden in Georgia, Zone 8a. On her Instagram page you will find her sharing her authentic journey growing vegetables in containers and raised beds -tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, potatoes and more. She also has a YouTube page you can check out.

Alnissa Grows

Keep the conversation going, share your favorite black container gardeners to follow on social media and tag us to your pictures so we can follow you too.


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