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15 Black-Owned Seed Companies to Buy from for Spring Container Planting

Updated: Feb 24

It’s never too early to start planning for the planting season. As you look into what plants you want in your garden, and this is the perfect time to start from seeds. As much as growing plants and vegetables from nursery plants is satisfying, there’s nothing as gratifying as seeing a plant sprout from seed.

Black Owned Sign for seed companies

Thinking of where to shop for your seeds? We support Black-owned seed companies for so many reasons.

Black farmers and people of color have largely been excluded from agriculture in America, making up less than 2% percent of all farm producers - in large part due to discrimination and the increase in food deserts.

The re-emergence of interest in homestead planting and container gardening has encouraged a rise in black gardeners and farmers and consequently Black-owned seed companies, many started by farmers with a passion for growing things.

Black-owned garden companies help to get more people of color into gardening and promotes it as an active, pandemic-safe hobby that encourages healthy eating.

A black family planting in a container garden

For many people of color, the plants we choose for our gardens has personal and historical significance. Black-owned seed companies stock heirlooms, rare and ancestral seeds and other plant seeds for the spring/summer garden of your dreams.

For the budding or more enthusiastic gardener, here are considerations to make before choosing seeds for spring planting:

1. You have to take into account the indigenous plants and vegetables that thrive in your region. That’s not to say you can’t challenge yourself to grow something exotic.

2. Take into account the space and lighting you have available and make sure both can support the plants you propose to sprout from seed.

3. Educate yourself on plant requirements and care.

4. Have a great soilless seed potting mix to support their growth.

This article will highlight 15 Black-owned seed companies you should check out for the next planting season:

Excited ticket winner on a laptop

1. Urban Farms Garden Shop

Shop non-GMO, heirloom seeds from Urban Farms Garden Shop. Their site also offers educational materials for garden enthusiasts (check back closer to Spring for their seed catalog).

2. TrueLove Seeds

Truelove Seeds is a farm-based seed company offering culturally important and open pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Buy from them for a good cause: 50% of seed sale profits goes back to the farmer who grew it.

3. Urban Garden Project

Urban Garden Project is focused on creating bio diversity and combating food insecurity in Houston's food deserts. Their mission is to making gardening accessible by providing heirloom seeds at $1.99.

4. Tennessee Tropicals

Three generations of farmers have made Tennessee Tropicals a household name when it comes to rare and unusual tropical plants.

5. God’s Garden Girl

God’s Garden Girl seeks to combine gardening with grounding, healing energy. Get all organic, non-GMO seed sets for your spring, summer and fall veggies.

This small business is dedicated to making indoor gardening simple for everybody no matter their space – or lack of it. Get seeds, container kits and hydroponic sets for your urban space.

7. Vegan Chef Ietef

Chef Ietef coined the term Eco Hip Hop and uses his platform – and seed store - to share awareness on climate change, food justice and vegan living.

Little Black girl with a seedling

8. Big Fig N Vegetables

This is a small farm promoting ‘back-to-eden’ gardening practices. Farmer Odyssey is famous for his loofah plants. Grow yours with loofah seeds from his store.

Soul Gardener 74

9. Seed Mail Seed Co.

Seed Mail Seed Co boasts a large selection of seeds ranging from veggies to fall tubers and flowers too.

10. Soul Gardener 74

Soul Gardener 74 is a small, independent seed store all about bringing back farming to black families to benefit the community. You can buy a variety of seeds for planting, and also shop handmade products like tea blends, infused oils and balms.

11. Naturally Dopeanics

This brand is known for organic products and most of all, heirloom seeds for gardening.

Melanated Organics Seeds and Teas

12. Naturally Dope

Naturally Dope’s seed garden is known for carrying the best organic flower and herb seeds for container gardening and homestead farming.

13. Renaissance Farms

Renaissance farms is famous for their heirloom tomato seeds but they also stock a wide range of other plant seeds.

Renaissance Farms Seeds of Love

14. Ivy Leaf Farms Seed Co.

Ivy Leaf Farms Seed Co is a family-owned operation spanning community gardens and a sprawling farm that includes animals. Shop organic seeds from their greenhouse.

15. The Hood Garden

The Hood Garden shop combines seeds, spice and merch for black gardeners and gardening enthusiasts.

Add to our list by commenting below! Happy shopping!


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7 Comments is great. I buy my vegetable seeds from them every year.


Hello everyone! We run a store called Senegal and Beyond in Phoenix Arizona at 708 E Virginia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85006

We would love to carry seeds from one or more businesses.

You can reach us at:


Thank you for this awesome list! Please add and! Both focus on preserving culturally significant seed and food!

Replying to

Yesss I purchased from both of these amazing folks this season


This is fabulous. I love The Hood Gardens variety and social media pages. I'd like to know how to add my company to the future lists...


Ashjo distributors would like to learn more about your seed type and qualify in order to distribute same in Jamaica.

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