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Gardening Zones: What They Mean

While gardening zones have always existed, indoor gardening is becoming increasingly popular, making more people interested in container gardening.

Plant enthusiasts are probably familiar with the term "gardening zone" or "hardiness zone", which defines the types of plants that grow well in a particular region. By understanding what plants live well in your hardiness zone, you will be able to make the best choice when it comes to your garden.

Perhaps you should consider the hardiness zone in which you live when comparing your plants with those on your favorite Instagram influencer's account.

Let's start with an explanation of gardening/hardiness zones:

Based on average ten-year winter temperatures, the American Department of Agriculture (USDA) divided North America into 13 hardiness zones, ranging from -60F to 70F. They refer to the ability of plants to withstand the cold of different parts of America.

The gardening zone range of Zone 1- Zone 5 has harsher winters and longer cold periods. Zone 13 is the warmest and supports a wider variety of plant species.

You can find your hardiness zone by locating where you live on this handy map.


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