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BGGC's Amazon Top 8 Container Garden Essentials

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Garden flag

With these garden flags, you can set the tone for your space while showing off your decorating skills. Change your flags with every new season to give your garden an extra boost.

Shower Curtain (YES, for your garden too!)

For many soil sistas, the shower is a sacred space. Make it your personal temple with these earthy shower curtains. As well as being perfect for your shower, many of our BGGC soil sistas have transformed these multi-purpose curtains to be used as tarps for their gardens. Celebrate your roots and your love of the earth with your decor.

5 or 20 Gallon Growing Bags

For container gardeners with limited space, grow bags open up an entirely new world of possibilities.

With these portable bags you can move your plants whenever the seasons change, ensuring they get the best light and space they need to thrive. These reusable grow bags can grow a variety of vegetables and herbs, and they are portable and large enough to fit on a balcony. You can even grow fruit trees in them.

Inside Sticky Traps

Do you have bugs and pests bothering your plants? These sustainable sticky traps will fend off creepy crawlies. The insects can be easily disposed of and your plants will flourish again.

Garden Tools

Grab the necessary items to make your garden thrive. Everyone needs the basic pruning shears, rake and hand trowel. Go after the basic three or a more advanced kit which includes various rakes, shovels, shears, garden gloves and a spray bottle.

Seed Starter Lights

Indoor growing conditions are not always ideal for fragile seedlings. Invest in seed starter grow lights and ensure your nursery plants succeed. These grow lights will support healthy and strong seedlings for healthy plants.

Starter Seed Trays

The best way to get your seeds started indoors as the growing season approaches is with starter trays. You can start your seedlings indoors as you anticipate warmer weather. Seed trays can also be used as first homes for your tiny plants.

Water Drip System

Living the plant life doesn’t have to impact your travel lifestyle. Keep your plants hydrated when you're away with an automatic watering system. This unit will allow you to control how much water your plants receive according to their different needs.


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