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Tips To Help Your Container Plants Thrive In Winter

Winter plant in a container outside a house in the snow

● Water plants regularly—but lightly—to keep the soil hydrated in the dry winter months. Keep your watering schedule tuned to your plant’s needs rather than a strict regimen.

● Choose container size wisely. Larger container gardens allow more light to penetrate to the soil and plants, whereas small containers can create an environment that restricts light and warmth.

● Winter is both cold and dry, and plants need warmth. One way to do that is to group plants with similar care needs together for extra humidity and warmth.

● Add a layer of mulch to your container gardens to help keep the plants protected from extreme temperatures and retain soil moisture.

● Bring plants indoors for the winter months to help keep them healthy and protected, and give them additional warmth and light with grow lamps.

● Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the plants don’t need occasional spritzing and leaf cleaning. This allows the leaves to absorb maximum sunlight throughout the day.

How can you help your container plants thrive in the Winter?

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