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Who runs the world? Grls! Get this lightweight V-neck t-shirt with soft velvet letters for those days you want to be comfortable and feel fierce at the same time.  

"Blk Grl Pwr" Velvet Tee

  • Size Info Corresponding US Size
    XS 0-2
    S 4-6
    M 8-10
    L 12-14
    XL 16-18
    XXL 20-22
    3X 22-24

    The fabric blend of cotton, polyester and rayon makes this T-shirt super soft to the touch. Its softly flowing silhouette offers great comfort wherever you go.  Comfort and QUALITY makes this worth it!

    • Loose fit, slit sleeves
    • Rounded seam
    • Slightly tapered
    • Light, flowing fabrics: 5.6 oz
    • 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
    • Soft velvet lettering 
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